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Hi, I’m Lexie!

Fitness Coach and Health Nut

I am a Certified Personal Trainer that has been in the fitness world for 9 years now. I am looking to help people just like yourself kick start your own personal journey with Fitness and Health at the forefront. Working with me is an excellent way to thrive in our health together and achieve these goals.

It is amazing at what can be done with a little extra push and a positive attitude.


Train with Lexie

The method to change your health in a positive direction with the proper Accountability.

Let's not over complicate it ;)


The motto I love to go by and truly believe...

Consistency is Key.


Online Training

In this program Lexie will give you weekly access to the workouts that she believes will fit you personally.


Lexie will administer weekly workouts for your own personal goals. This is a virtual way of connecting with Lexie and reaching your highest potential!

This program includes:

+ New Workouts Given Every Sunday

+ Weekly Check-ins

+ Diet Suggestions

Her routine will have you feeling fulfilled and heard, under the online way of training.


Just because you can't meet her in-person, Lexie never wants you to feel like your needs can't be met. They can and they will. Lets get to work and crush those goals, together :) 



At Xcel Gym

In this program we meet at the gym! 

We set up a specific schedule just for you.


When you book the best monthly personal training package for you with Lexie Ray Fitness, she will then set you up with a discounted monthly membership at her local gym in Rowlett, TX.

This Program Includes:

+ Full Premiere Gym Access

+ Top of Line Equipment 

+ 24 Hour Gym Access

+ Personal Training 

+ Weekly Tailored Workouts

+ Direct Text/Call Access to Lexie Ray

Then we can configure your goals and break the patterns that haven't allowed you to meet your needs. This is the only way to have the gym with Lexie Ray, as your full-time coach available for your desired goals. 

Upon Request


Mobile Training

This is for Lexie's ELITE clients.

This is how celebs have trainers.

She will bring the home gym to YOU.

This package is for the client that has a busy schedule, kids or jobs that don't allow it, or the gym is just too much stress.

This Program Includes:

+ Exclusive Elite Access 1:1 Sessions

+ Highly Tailored Workouts

+ Gym Brought to You

+ Never Leave Your Home

+ Flexible Schedule 

+ Super Simple- No Contact

+ Direct Text/Call Access to Lexie Ray

+ Train with a Friend Option for a Discounted Price


Lexie will take all the stress away and give you the most optimal workout from the comfort of your own home.


If your home is not an option, and you are local, Lexie's personal gym is an option. 

Let's get to work, and make that body the best it has ever been. 

Upon Request